Rooted Floral + Design Co. is a Bay Area-based pop-up floral shop. Rooted features a variety of high-quality arrangements. 

The team at Rooted Floral + Design Co. hand-picks each stem with you in mind and strives to provide an excellent customer experience. Check out our Instagram @rootedfloral! 

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Since the beginning of life on this planet as we know it, flowers have epitomized positivity, love, and vitality. 

They’re omnipresent in our most important moments, and they remind us that beauty exists even on the simplest levels.

Perhaps one human being who embodies all of the aforementioned traits of flowers is a young woman by the name of Ieshia Edgerton, the Founder of Rooted Floral.

Born and raised in East Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ms. Edgerton understands and lives by the old adage of ‘The Rose That Grew From The Concrete’. As a result, it’s empowered her to use her ingenuity, tireless work ethic, and heavenly essence to craft a wide array of radiant floral arrangements to fit any of your floral needs.

Whether it’s a wedding, shower, funeral, or anything else imaginable in between, let Rooted Floral be your go-to source for accentuating the beauty that already exists in your life.